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about me

how did i get here…

Hi, I’m Mike a front-end web developer/designer living in South Africa. I have been in the field of the World Wide Web for nearly 6 years now, and have been loving every minute of it.

Reason why i say the field of the “World Wide Web” is because i have seen myself evolve into a so called jack of all trades. I am not sure how I or others feel about this figure of speech, however developing into this is something i have had no power over.

I do however hope that i am not the only one out there! So from development, design, content management systems, content architecture, databases, servers, domains, email, client management are just a few things that i have had the pleasure of dabbling in.

In short, I love the web and all the little bits and bytes that go into making it into a community addicted to interactivity, and communication.

about the site…

This is not meant to be a portfolio site but more a site along the lines to help others like myself out there. Over time i have managed to gather a collection of resources that i have have found useful and helpful.

These resources are free for everyone to find out on the web, i have just decided to share them with everyone, in one place. It may be anything from interesting news in the industry, useful design ideas, useful tools to use or tutorials that have helped me solve some problems that may have nearly caused me to quit my job. :)

So this site is pretty much a collection of ideas and solutions that have helped me, that i have decided to either re-blog or make slightly better in cases where i found i had to hack away for hours to achieve my goal.