our approach

Our approach is to develop a understanding of the user's needs, expectations and capabilities with regards to web design and web development. We involve the client throughout the product process cycle, by implementing a planned approach to the service's that we offer to maximize the success of a website.

Galore Web Studio offers a specific, technical specification and planning service that is tailored to each individual project. Depending on these results, we will merge these findings with the business objective that has been supplied to us.

We will research and employ approaches, techniques, tools and methods to meet the business objectives of each individual web development project.

With each project, we will engage in robust testing once the project has been completed, refining features to improve the overall user experience. With this approach it means that content management, training and implementation of everyday website maintenance becomes very simple.

We envision a long term relationship with our clients. This is why we will happily take on a website maintenance/retainer contract with our clients that require more ongoing support. This allows us the integration power with our other services, such as SEO and site security.