project definition

For a successful web design the corporate image of the client must be reflected in the design of a website.

This is an extensive overview of this process

The most critical step in the web design process is creating an accurate project definition. A project definition includes a project brief and a project plan. The client survey is used to gather the information needed to develop the project brief and plan.

Client interview

  • Conduct a Client Survey Interview - The purpose of this interview is to determine the purpose of the project, the target audience, branding/perception goals, content source, initial technical specs and communication strategy.

Project Brief

  • Write the Project Brief/Creative Brief - Based on the information gathered in the client survey, write the project brief* to define in black and white the project goals, audience profile, audience perception, primary message and competitive advantage. Here is a sample project brief*.


  • Develop Persona(s) - Look back at the client survey and project brief and develop a persona for the primary audience. The client will use the persona template that we supply to bring an imaginary audience member to life by filling in the following details: photo, name, quote, description, demographics, technical profile, top three user goals, top three business objectives for site.

Initial Tech Specs

  • Write the Project Technical Specifications - Using the information gathered in the client survey along with the technical standards of your organization, document the Technical Specifications to clearly establish requirements like screen resolution, browser compatibility, download time, web standards and accessibility.

Project Timeline

  • Establish the timeline for deliverables and tasks for each phase of the project. Assign due dates and resources.

Initial Maintenance Planning

  • Document Maintenance Considerations - Develop a web site maintenance plan that documents how the site will be updated and reviewed regularly. Why in the world would you consider maintenance at the beginning of a project? It is important to set clear expectations that web sites and web applications require support and maintenance. Help make sure your clients plan to keep the site healthy by explaining maintenance requirements up front.