affordable - "FREE" - website hosting

We offer a reliable, stable hosting solution for any site. Our "FREE" solution applies to any of our subscription packages. For our pay-as-you-go customers our hosting is R 1000.00 per year which includes your domain name renewal.

php, mysql & web based systems

PHP and MySQL combine to be an easy yet powerful way to create dynamic web pages that actually interact with your visitors. HTML can create useful and well formatted web pages. With the addition of PHP and MySQL you can collect data from your users, create specific content on the fly, and do many other things that HTML alone can't do. PHP allows you to collect, process and utilize data to create a desired output. In short, it let's you interact with your pages.

website packages

We have three website packages that we feel will suite your needs. If you find that one of the mentioned packages do not suite what you require, then we will build one that does.

If we feel that your package that we have built for you may suit someone else's needs then we will offer it on our site as a package for other customers to choose from.