google managed domains

Google app's have great benefits for your business may it be on a small or large scale operation. The cost savings are sizeable and it allows you access information from any location, even more it allows for a workforce to collaborate no matter in what location or any device that has internet connectivity. You can sync your calendar and email with your desktop PC, laptop and smartphone. Gmail groups your messages and the responses to those messages into threads so no more trawling through messages to find out whats going on. Google apps also allows you to save time with its instant messaging service - Gtalk - so you can quickly respond to a message or share information. This is all managed through your own business domain.

pay-per-click advertising campaigns

Pay-Per-Click online advertising is for sure a great way to gain exposure for your business and reach out to a targeted audience where internet marketing continues to grow in global popularity. It can be considered as vital tool to secure online awareness for your product or service that you may be offering to large audiences.

This service lets advertisers create customized ads that strategically appear every time a person types in a specific search term into a search engine. This form of online advertising targets specific potential customers, which many online marketing experts say is the best way to promote your business on the world wide web. You only pay for your ad when your ad is clicked, which in turn increases higher visibility and awareness for your business or service and keeps your marketing costs down.

google analytics

"There are two categories of web analytics off-site and on-site web analytics.

Off-site web analytics refers to web measurement and analysis irrespective of whether you own or maintain a website. It includes the measurement of a website's potential audience (opportunity), share of voice (visibility), and buzz (comments) that is happening on the Internet as a whole.

On-site web analytics measure a visitor's journey once on your website. This includes its drivers and conversions for example, which landing pages encourage people to make a purchase. On-site web analytics measures the performance of your website in a commercial context. This data is typically compared against key performance indicators for performance, and used to improve a web site or marketing campaign's audience response.

Historically, web analytics has referred to on-site visitor measurement. However in recent years this has blurred, mainly because vendors are producing tools that span both categories."

Courtesy: Wikipedia

joomla training

Our Joomla Training is for everyone and we will teach you how to use the Joomla CMS, manage and maintain your Joomla website in many different aspects such as changing content, pictures, media and much more.

Currently based in Gauteng, the training is practical with one on one attention. We let you do many different tasks after each section that we cover which means you can start working on your website immediately.