google managed domains

Google app's have great benefits for your business may it be on a small or large scale operation. The cost savings are sizeable and it allows you access information from any location, even more it allows for a workforce to collaborate no matter in what location or any device that has internet connectivity. You can sync your calendar and email with your desktop PC, laptop and smartphone. Gmail groups your messages and the responses to those messages into threads so no more trawling through messages to find out whats going on. Google apps also allows you to save time with its instant messaging service - Gtalk - so you can quickly respond to a message or share information. This is all managed through your own business domain.

With google apps we can offer you and your business the following services:

Google Products

  • Google mail
  • Google calender
  • Google instant messaging
  • Google groups and wiki's

Google apps for mobile

Google Apps provide users with seamless, secure access to information regardless of where you are based or what device you are using. Google Apps supports access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and Contacts from most common types of mobile devices.

Google applications come pre-installed on most Android devices. Just sign in to your Android phone with your Google Apps username and password, and your email, calendar and contacts will automatically be synced on the go, and use Google Talk to IM from your phone.

Google Security

Google operates one of the most robust networks of distributed data centres in the world. The protection of the data and intellectual property on these servers is our top priority, with extensive resources dedicated to maintaining data security. Protected around the clock and monitored by a dedicated security team, our facilities are held to extremely high standards of scrutiny every moment of the day.

  • The controls, processes and policies that protect data in our systems have successfully completed a ISAE 3402 Type II audit.
  • Google Apps offers a 99.9% Service Level Agreement*, so you can be confident that employees will have access whenever they need it.

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