joomla website migrations

joomla is constantly being updated and improved, from joomla 1.0 to the latest joomla 2.5 there have been many changes for the better. If you or your business has an older joomla site, and you want to migrate your site to the latest version there are many ways this can be accomplished, there are components that can be used to do this but only for standard joomla sites, if you have a custom site this makes the migration a little bit more tricky as the newer joomla version may not support the older components, plugins and extensions. We find that it is a much better practice to completely re-create a site using the newest version of joomla and then replace your old site, this ensures that the site will run smoothly, we will find the latest updates of your existing components, plugins and extensions and if necessary we will find the best replacements if they are not supported by a newer version of joomla.

It is always a good time to upgrade a joomla site as older versions will stop being supported by developers because they will be focused on creating new software for the newer versions, keeping your joomla site up to date will ensure your site will look good, run smooth and will not be compromised by any online threats.